April 18, 2020 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
The Cherry Building
329 10th Ave SE
Cedar Rapids
IA 52401
The EcoFest Art Show @ The Cherry Building

The focus of the show is the creation of art from unexpected materials. These materials include recycled, re-purposed, sustainable, green, and naturally sourced materials. Re-purposed or  recycled can come from the waste stream ( non recyclable plastic or metals, ect.) or salvaged from other products. Green materials are those manufactured from waste stream materials such as newspaper, agricultural products or building construction. Objects made from naturally sourced materials can include those made from natural fibers using plant dyes or other sustainably harvested materials. This will include student work from the Eastern Iowa Arts Academy and work from adult artists. Adult artist should contact John Schwartzkopf at john@johnsawdust.com for details. Space is limited so images of the work need to be submitted in advance, We may not have room for everyone, so please allow for a certain amount of curating of the work. The work must be delivered by April 17th to allow for installation. The show will run for one week, starting on Earth Day April 20th. those